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Terms and conditions

Quality and guarantee

Our products are superior quality and guaranteed in accordance with the law.


Delivery terms

If the goods is in stock, the shipment is within 48 hours of ordering, otherwise customers are informed by e-mail of the date of delivery.


Shipping and handling

All the goods are posted by The Czech Office according to the seller’s postage rate:



parcel under  100g: Bank Account/PayPal: 6 €

parcel over  100g: Bank Account/PayPal: 8 €


Refund policies

The seller is responsible for all the defects caused by the shipping. The customer may claim reparation of the product if it is possible, exchanging product or returning the payment costs, it is possible within 14 days of the date of purchase. The goods must be returned completely, in its original packaging, applied the original invoice or its copy. Please, send all the returned goods by recorded delivery to the address below:


Dum umeni

Jiri a Katerina Hnilickovi

Kozlov 39

387 15  Strelske Hostice

Czech Republic


Bank Account in mBank: 670100-2200421693/6210

IBAN: CZ46 6210 6701 0022 0042 1693


We offer 2 years of guarantee from the date of purchase.


Customers may make a claim to apply the original invoice or its copy, send the product by recorded delivery to the address above.


The seller is not responsible for damage caused by improper use, such as handling with force, for example: bending or dropping it on the floor.


Breaking the contracts

Contracts between the seller and the customer comply with the law, art. No.367/2000 Sb. Withdrawing from a contract is handled at: Jiri Hnilicka, Kozlov 39, 38715  Strelske Hostice, Czech Republic. IC: 135 07 851


After receiving the returned goods the seller has the right to return only the price of product without the postage cost.


We will be pleased to answer any questions at dumumeni@dumumeni.cz